mobile photography course
mobile photography course
mobile photography course
mobile photography course


A course with theory, practical exercises and the best tips to make stunning photos for your blog, website or social media.

Are you a photography enthousiast and do you want to take better pictures with the camera you always have with you, namely your phone?
Then the mobile photography course might be a godsend for you.


Do you often just snap some pictures with your phone and wonder how people make these beautiful images with their phones. Or do you carry around your dsrl and wished you could make images without spending too much time editing?


Doesn’t it seem nice to just make beautiful photos with your smartphone?

You do not want to take a dslr camera with you all the time and have to edit your photos afterwards. When you take photos with your phone they are often too dark. You don’t know how to make a good composition or how you can use props to add something extra to your photos. You have 5 different photo editing apps on your phone and do not know what you can do with it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you do not need the dslr and editing programs on the computer. You know how to work with the right lighting and understand how you can make a picture lighter in an app. You understand how you get a line in your photos and in which ways you can make a good composition. Last but not least you know which apps you can use to edit your photos so they look the way you want. Which for one person can be light and fresh and for another dark and moody.

Then the mobile photography workshop is for you!

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7 tips voor betere kerstfoto's met je smartphone #smartphonefotografie #iphonefotografie

Why do I give courses in mobile photography?

“Because I like to teach people how to easily make beautiful photos with their phone.”

Eef Ouwehand selfie queen, mobile photography workshop

My name is Eef Ouwehand (1974) I am a smartphone photography expert. I love Instagram, good food, travel and essential oils. I try to combine these passions as much as possible.

I give workshops and lectures about smartphone photography, Instagram, visual storytelling and foodphotography in Holland and abroad I am author of the book ‘smartphone fotografie’ (>20.000 copies sold).

Why should you attend a mobile photography workshop?

“So that you learn to make the most beautiful photos with your smartphone.”

Do you recognize the following?

  • Do you want to learn how to take better pictures with your smartphone so that you do not have to carry your camera with you every time?
  • Do you want to know how to immediately make good photos so that you hardly have to edit afterwards?
  • Do you want to know more about composition and how to use the light?
  • Do you want styling tips and know how to use props?
  • Do you want to know which apps you can best use to brighten that too dark photo without using photoshop?

Food & lifestyle photographer and mobile photography expert

Explanation in a clear and practical way

I deliberately keep the groups small so that I can really give everyone attention. It is a 5 step program so afterwards you know exactly what you need to do to make beautiful food photos with your smartphone.

Mobile photography course

mobile photography course, workshop mobile photography

Course date

July 7th 2018

During the mobile photography course

  • We work in small groups
  • We follow the 5 steps method: ‘from inspiration to edited photo’
  • I share useful composition tips
  • I share the best camera and editing apps
  • I give tips to create your own style

At the end of the workshop:

  • You take better mobile pictures
  • You hardly have to edit afterwards
  • You know more about composition and how to use the light
  • You know which apps you can best use to edit your photos

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Investment Mobile photography course

€ 95,-

We will start with the topics below and you will also start shooting directly with your smartphone.
  • Tips & tricks
  • Composition, light, tools
  • Editing apps
  • PDF about mobile photography

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