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Bestel hem hier het nieuwe kleurrijke boek over Curaçao!

“This colorful book gives a glimpse of the places one should not miss of the central and eastern part of Curaçao, named Banda Ariba. Its urbanized sections, cultural richness and unspoiled nature are beautifully captured by Eef Ouwehand’s artistic and colorful photography. Combined with interesting passages on the remarkable locations, entrepreneurs and artists, this book guides you through the secret, unmarked, beloved and colorful sights of Banda Ariba.

The great adventure started in November 2009 when Eef Ouwehand, a Dutch professional photographer living in Amsterdam, and Kristel Slagter, a lawyer and entrepreneur in the financial services industry, living in Curaçao, met for the first time on a Sunday boat trip to Fuik.

Loving Curaçao and its island life, both had the idea of publishing a book about this Caribbean gem, and since then they together joyfully create wonderful books.”

We are proud to show you a preview of our 3rd book! Curaçao Banda Ariba. Enjoy the authentic and colorful images 🙂 taken by Eef Ouwehand and the texts by Kristel Slagter & Priscilla Joy. “

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Reisgidsen Curacao, reisgids curacao banda ariba

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LET OP: Helaas is het via de webshop op dit moment alleen mogelijk te leveren in NL en Belgie. Wil je hem in Curacao kopen kijk dan voor de verkooppunten op Divas Publishing. Woon je in een ander land en wil je toch een gids bestellen? Neem dan contact op via: info@eefphotography.com.

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